Home World Middle East Death Toll Nears 300 in Wake of Baghdad Bombing

Death Toll Nears 300 in Wake of Baghdad Bombing

Death Toll Nears 300 in Wake of Baghdad Bombing

The death toll from the truck bombing carried out by ISIS in the Karada district of Baghdad has risen to 292 after many more of the injured have died in local hospitals. 200 more were injured in the attack according to Ahmed Al-Redaini, spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Amongst the injured are hundreds of burn victims who are being transferred out to neighboring countries where they can get proper care and extended treatment.

Iraq’s Health Ministry released a statement today indicating that DNA testing is being carried out to help identify the remains of 177 victims whose bodies have yet to be returned to their loved ones.

The blast hit Baghdad’s bustling Karada neighborhood last Sunday leaving the popular shopping district looking more like a war zone than anything else. Karada is a predominately Shia neighborhood in Baghdad and Sunday’s blast was the deadliest to hit the Iraqi capital in years.

ISIS operatives plowed a bomb laden refrigerator truck into the ground floor of a building that housed a coffee shop and other stores shortly after midnight, when the building and surrounding streets were packed with people who had just broke their Ramadan fasts.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has sought to wreak havoc during the month of Ramadan – going so far as to encourage their sympathizers around the world to carry out attacks in places as far and wide as the United States, Indonesia, France, Turkey, and Bangladesh.