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New Orleans: A Guide To The Big Easy

New Orleans: A Guide To The Big Easy
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If you’ve got the ways and means to New Orleans, you’re guaranteed to have an adventure when you visit. Whether your interest is in American history, the paranormal, parades or just booze, New Orleans is an enchanting environment to experience it all and more.

Travel + Leisure has New Orleans listed as number 7 on the World’s Best cities to visit. When you go, you’ll walk in a wonderland of Zydeco music, beignets, and fortune tellers. There are interesting people everywhere you turn. If you’re interested in visiting this Louisiana crown jewel of the Mississippi, then this travel piece is for you. Below we’ve compiled a list of tourist favorites to help you enjoy your vacation to New Orleans.

Family Friendly Attractions

Certainly when people think of the The Big Easy, they think of Bourbon street and night life but New Orleans also features many attractions for the whole family.

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Things To Eat

Food is the highlight of traveling for many people. Food is the cornerstone of culture. Whether you came for sweet snacks or hearty feasts, New Orleans is no exception to the foodie experience. While there are so many Cajun and Creole Culinary classics to cover, this slideshow describes a few. Foods not on the slideshow but are worth mentioning are oysters, gator, étouffée, and red beans & rice.

Night life and cocktails:

Music, alcohol, and entertainment, New Orleans does not fall short on any celebratory necessities. Whether you take a walking tour or you bar hop on Bourbon Street, there’s something special for the grown up who likes to get down in “Big Easy” town.

The existence of the city New Orleans itself is a testament to the joy of life. With its rich history and unique fusion of interests proudly displayed along the streets in the French Quarter, you’re sure to find many reasons to enjoy your visit to “The Big Easy.”

Do you have your own New Orleans experiences that you’d like to share? Comment with your adventure below.