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How Cecily Baker Was Born

How Cecily Baker Was Born

Thank you to Jeff White for recently introducing me as the London contributor for the Pacific Tribune.

What I wanted to do before I got fully in the swing of writing was to introduce myself as Deborah Hodge AND Cecily Baker.

I am in fact one in the same person and on facebook in particular, Cecily has the most wonderful, rainbow and eclectic friends base, yet Deborah has a rather smaller and less diverse demographic.

Cecily BakerCecily was born a couple of years ago now and it has not exactly been an easy ride with my family. For a few months, after going through some very tough times with a man, my family thought me on the edge of a breakdown.

I went about the whole life change in completely the wrong way in hindsight, but now mixing with artistic circles in London it is the norm to have some kind of alternative persona.

Cecily Baker actually started as a snide email to a married man. We both shared a love of Oscar Wilde and my name was from Cecily Cardrew in the Importance Of Being Earnest and the Baker was from my love of Sherlock Holmes. Baker is quintessentially English.

When I left my teaching career at the beginning of 2014 I returned to South London after a brief and terrible secondment to the countryside.

Moving into “Norman”, the house we live in now, was a pivotal moment. After being asked never to move again by my shellshocked children, I realized house prices in London were insane.

51gicjuomnlI had to do something equally big. I wrote my autobiography to start with “Putting Back Together The pieces You Broke” as a catharsis. I needed to get all the past hurt out so I was at ground zero and start again. It worked.

When I self published, the first thing I learned was that people don’t just buy your book. You need them to know who you are. I needed to get an online presence quickly So, I dusted off my Cecily Baker email and created a Facebook account. Its hard to believe it now but I was shy of any attention as I thought I was too dowdy. My son modeled for my first couple of photographs as he looks beautiful dressed as a girl. But he got bored after two photoshoots. You can see my development in photographs on the Cecily Baker Facebook Page.

Cecily Baker now dominates GOOGLE.

I first got my breasts out in January 2015. Not in a gratuitous way, more breaking free of the past and jump starting my life. It was an incredible feeling for a slightly chubby 40 something to be an object of desire and someone men wanted to know.

For some years I barely had any pictures of me, now I am everywhere. And I love it.

Loathing everything Kardashian I also created my Cecily Baker You Tube Channel. I wanted to show people that I have done everything with a baby under my arm and show the other side of my life. Social media can be a very fake environment, but if all this comes together, I wanted to be a role model for other women in my position. J.K Rowling often speaks of being poor, but you can’t actually see it.

My older girls have also taken an interest in VLOGS and have documented what it’s like to be in a family where you all have different Dads in a very articulate way.

Having an alter ego has allowed me to explore. To break free of my own shackles. I am not there yet by any stretch of the imagination and the journey has been rocky, but I will say in hindsight that it has been the most exciting time of my entire life and I have pictures I will be proud of forever.

If you do fancy a bed time read that is rather saucy in parts then please follow the link. It certainly is not for the faint hearted and explores loss of innocence and the duality of personality.

Plus, in an act of extreme defiance. I name each and every man who has hurt me.

Peace xx