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Introducing Deborah Hodge, Our New U.K. Contributor

Deborah Hodge | Facebook

PTSD, night terrors, and self-harming had gripped her family for years. However, The Pacific Tribune’s Deborah Hodge is rebuilding her life in London. Because of this, she is hoping to win The Perfect World Project‘s cash prize to save her family from homelessness.

“PErfect world project is THE most important competition of my ENTIRE life.”

The single mother of four has faced numerous hardships in her life. Due to these events, she moved home to begin working towards a better life, independent and free from the support of others. Conversely, she could provide for her family and protect them without depending on anyone.

Deborah Hodge | Facebook

Furthermore, Deborah Hodge has done numerous things in her life to share her story of survival. One of them was creating the pen name Cecily Baker to write survivor novels. Her first book, Putting Back Together the Pieces You Broke covers the harrowing story of sexual assault she endured at the hands of a former lover. Coming soon, the sequel #JIGSAWS tells the stories of other survivors who have very different lives. Also, #JIGSAWS follows the life of a young gay man from Mississippi who was sexually tortured as punishment for his sexual orientation. #JIGSAWS is set for a Christmas release.

Deborah Hodge is a strong ally and friend to the LGBT community. Due to her son who recently came out to her as Bisexual. “All you have to do is love them.”, said Hodge when asked about her son, “Even if you are surprised or shocked about who they fancy, they are still the same person that you carried for 9 months.”

Deborah Hodge has been a strong champion for equality in London. She began the #Debs4London campaign to fight the looming housing crisis. Over 500,000 homes will be needed in the nation’s capital in the next ten years. Half a million British people are facing eviction from the homes they own or rent. As Mayor of London, Deborah would have proposed a safety net to save Britain from this crisis.

Today, we are proud to announce Deborah Hodge as our newest contributor at The Pacific Tribune. Please, welcome her!

Deborah Hodge | Facebook

Finally, we would like to invite you all to vote for Deborah to win The Perfect World Project. The winner will get the chance to enjoy a potentially life changing experience. They will win the all access Perfect World Black Card. This card contains a six figure sum, according to the show’s website.

Recently, Hodge explained in her own words– “Perfect World Project is THE most important competition of my ENTIRE life. I came back to South London having survived rape, abuse and have permanent scars on my face. It was bad; my family needs to be safe.”

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