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Mall Shooting Suspect Apprehended in Oak Harbor Washington

Mall Shooting Suspect Apprehended in Oak Harbor Washington
Police taking shooting suspect, Arcan Cetin into custody in Oak Harbor Washington. September 24, 2016.

Authorities have indicated that they have taken 20 year old suspect Arcan Cetin, of Oak Harbor Washington into custody. Cetin is the lone suspect in last nights shooting rampage that took the lives of five people, four women and one man in a Burlington Washington mall.

The suspect supposedly stole three guns from his father shortly before last night’s shooting. Authorities have indicated that all three guns, including the .22 caliber Ruger rifle used in the mall shooting, were legally purchased by the father but taken without his permission.

Arcan Cetin
Suspect Arcan Cetin in photo taken from his public Twitter account.

Witnesses say Cetin’s ex-girlfriend previously worked at the Macy’s where he opened fire, however she no longer works there and was not in the store last night. Witnesses recount that the suspect called out a woman’s name before opening fire near the cosmetics counter.

According to Lieutenant Chris Cammock, investigators received hundreds of tips from the public overnight. Those tips, coupled with tips from social media, witness accounts, and additional mall surveillance footage from the parking lot gave authorities additional details about the suspect and his vehicle. These additional details gave authorities the information needed to build a profile of the suspect which they then shared via a county-wide alert. A few minutes later, an officer with the Island County Sheriff’s department spotted Cetin’s vehicle and shortly thereafter spotted and apprehended Cetin himself as he was walking along Oak Harbor Drive.

Cetin was arrested last year in Skagit County for fourth degree assault. According to his facebook page, Cetin is a legal permanent resident of Oak Harbor Washington who immigrated to the United States from Adana Turkey.

Lieutenant Cammock also stated that the suspect’s family has been cooperating and helpful with the investigation into the suspect. Authorities indicate that Cetin will appear for arraignment before a judge on Monday morning at 11am in Skagit County District Court.

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