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Video Shows Charlotte Police Shoot Keith Lamont Scott Amid Warnings From Wife

Keith Lamont Scott

New excruciating footage has just released by the wife of Keith Lamont Scott just hours after Charlotte Mecklenburg Police announced that they would not release their police dash cams publicly.

The video shows Scott’s wife warning police that her husband has a traumatic brain injury. Amid police yelling to “drop the gun”, Scott’s wife says “he doesn’t have a gun. He has a brain injury, he just took his medicine, he’s not going to do anything to you.”

Amid continued calls for more transparency from both the public and the media, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police announced this morning that they would not release their dash cam videos to the public and that they had handed the investigation over the the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation.

The police officers involved claim that a gun was found on Scott’s body and a photo the department released shortly after the shooting shows what appears to be a gun near his body, although the video released by NBC today does not initially show a gun near the body of Mr. Scott. An item that resembles a gun appears to be flung from the hands of one of the police officers near the end of the video being shot by Mr. Scott’s wife.

We have reached out to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police via Twitter to ask if they intend to change course and release their own dash cam videos in light of this new footage. We have not heard back from them at the time of publication.

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