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Anti-Trump Protester Spreads Peanut Butter on 30 Cars

Anti-Trump Protester Spreads Peanut Butter on 30  Cars

Choosey moms choose Jif, and a Wisconsin woman may be regretting some of her peanut butter choices. Christina Ferguson has been charged with disorderly conduct after she allegedly spread peanut butter on 30 cars that she believed belonged to Donald Trump supporters. Witnesses said the 32-year-old stormed into a meeting of the Tomorrow River Conservation Club on Monday night. She was holding what a Portage County deputy’s report described as a “family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif.”peanut butter The suspect allegedly yelled at club members about how much she hated Trump before being asked to leave the meeting.

Later, members started worrying that she might be doing something with that family-sized jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif. They went to the parking lot where Mark Pearson told sheriff’s deputies that he saw Ferguson spreading peanut butter on one of the members’ cars. He yelled at her to stop and she walked away.

Deputies went to a nearby apartment she was seen entering and attempted to question Ferguson. Ferguson answered the door and also claimed she had not left all night. Officers noted her slurred speech and a “strong smell of intoxicants.” Ferguson was also licking her fingers as she spoke, the report noted.

Once Pearson had identified Ferguson as the same nut case, officers said she admitted interrupting the meeting and spreading peanut butter on the cars. Officers said Ferguson grew emotional as she explained how much she loved Hillary Clinton and hated Donald Trump. She then explained why she’d misused peanut butter. “Peanut butter is better than fire-bombing,” the officer quoted her as saying. She added that Trump wants to fire-bomb everybody. The officers pointed out to her that she had interrupted a conservation meeting, not a Trump rally. She allegedly said that she was sorry, but that she was “just fed up about the entire election.”