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Billy Bush Digs His Own Grave With Apology

Billy Bush Digs His Own Grave With Apology
Billy Bush seen in this screenshot locking arms with Ariana Zucker.

Earlier today, audio of a demeaning, sexual conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush was unleashed unto the internet. As expected, the internet lost it’s collective mind.

The recording, revealed by The Washington Post, was full of vulgar quotes made by the Republican presidential nominee, seemingly unaware his mic was on. Disregarding the gray morality of recording someone without their knowledge of consent (for now; I fully plan to come back to it), the audio has had a profound effect on the presidential race, with pundits agreeing that the release has significantly hurt Trump’s candidacy. What absolutely no one has been talking about, unsurprisingly, is the second party in this recording: Today Show anchor Billy Bush.

Bush, either genuinely or in an attempt to hang with the boys, made statements about soap opera star Arianna Zucker, claiming she looked “hot as shit.”

In comparison to Trump’s half of the conversation, Bush’s comments are highly tame, save for the expletive. What will more likely be a blow to his credibility is his incredibly weak, self-defeating apology.

“Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed. It’s no excuse, but this happened 11 years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry” said Bush in an ill thought out statement issued shortly after the release. The question in return should be: if there is no excuse, why are you making excuses Mr. Bush?

The best thing one can say in these situations is usually…nothing. Though no formal study has been released, it can be assumed that, at the moment the Trump campaign imploded, the world’s eyes were not on Billy Bush.

Bush was further heard agreeing to Trump’s sentiment that famous men can “do anything” to a woman. In the tidal wave of (in this writer’s opinion, unwarranted–but more on that later too) hate-tweeting, Bush has deleted his Twitter account amid accusations of misogyny.

Though Bush will almost certainly face his day in the court of public opinion on tomorrow morning’s broadcast of the Today Show it’s unknown what, if any, punishment NBC is planning to dole out. Expect an apology for the previous apology to be published on Twitter before Monday.

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