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Trump’s “Bad Hombre” and “Such a Nasty Woman” Comments Have Gone Viral

Trump’s “Bad Hombre” and “Such a Nasty Woman” Comments Have Gone Viral

You’ll recall that at the third and final debate Donald Trump made a flippant remark that Secretary Clinton is (in his opinion) “such a nasty woman.” No, we’re not kidding! He really said that. If you didn’t watch the debate, we encourage you to watch it here as we’ve fact checked both candidate’s remarks.

Earlier in the debate when asked about immigration and how he planned to deal with it, Trump said “We have some bad hombres here, and we’re going to get them out,”

While it’s no surprise that he despises latinos, Trump’s nasty woman remark immediately made many watchers cringe in their seats at the idea that one of the two major political parties have nominated a man for president who has such disdain for women.

Immediately following the remark, people understandably took to Twitter to express their frustrations… and what ensued is one for the history books.

Most hilarious was this poll that Chelsea Handler sent out:

Then there was this killer:

And this one…

You can find more tweets over on Twitter. They’re a dime a dozen.

Judging from the fierce backlash on Twitter, it seems as if Mr. Trump’s comments didn’t go over so well with women or latinos – both very important voting blocs. Unfortunately for him, at 53% of the voting electorate in this country, women make up a sizable number of voters. Before tonight’s debate, Mr. Trump was trailing Mrs. Clinton by a 15 point margin among female voters. After tonight’s debate, it’s hard to imagine his support among women won’t hemorrhage further. While his “bad hombre” comment isn’t likely to hurt him because of all of the other wildly outlandish things he’s said about latinos, it could cost down ballot candidates latino support in the Senate battleground states of Arizona and Florida.