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Trump’s Star on Walk of Fame Destroyed by Hero Wednesday Morning

Trump’s Star on Walk of Fame Destroyed by Hero Wednesday Morning
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I would like to start off by saying that I greatly despise writing about Donald J. Trump. I don’t like hearing about him or reading articles about him. However, today I feel a little bit better about wasting my time on this horrific man who very well could be our next President of the United States. Recently, Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed early yesterday morning by a man some are calling a vandal, while I think of him as a hero. James Otis arrived at the Hollywood Walk of Fame before the sun broke over the horizon Wednesday morning with his tools of choice: a sledgehammer and a pickax. Otis explained he was trying to extract the star to auction it off and raise funds for the women who have come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them over the decades.

trumps court date
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  • Jessica Leeds
  • Ivana Trump
  • Kristin Anderson
  • Jill Harth
  • Temple Taggart
  • Karena Virginia
  • Mindy McGillivray
  • Rachel Crooks
  • Natasha Stoynoff
  • Summer Zervos
  • Cassandra Searles
  • Mariah Billado
  • Tasha Dixon
  • Bridget Sullivan

These are only some of the women who have made claims the presidential candidate has sexually assaulted them or behaved inappropriately in one way or another. Responses from Trump’s camp have been fully dismissive and steeped in denial all while further cementing the foundation of Rape Culture in America today. When it comes to his own rape allegations and pending court date in which he is facing child rape charges, Trump is silent. However, Mr. Trump has repeatedly mentioned the women who accused Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. He brings it up so much, it seems to be the only information he knows about the former President.

  • Juanita Broaddrick
  • Kathleen Willey
  • Paula Jones

Both Willey and Broaddrick previously testified, under oath, that Clinton never made unwanted advances. Several witnesses close to Willey and Jones state that the two women described their encounter with Clinton as consensual. Yet somehow, these charges have gained heightened publicity during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Donald Trump has gone as far as to parade them around like drunken ghosts of a bad VH1 special at the recent Town Hall debate.

Hillary Clinton herself is not and has never been accused of rape, yet she is often held responsible for what her husband was accused of by these women. However, the women accusing Trump of disgusting behavior do not seem to matter to many of his supporters.

trumps words
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When a man like Trump is faced with accusations such as these, he chooses to attack others and demean the alleged victims. For that reason, I applaud Mr. Otis for his bold move. Long ago, I grew tired of Trump’s monopoly on this election, his effect across this nation and throughout social media, as well as taking up space on my own media publication. Although this only gives him more time in all of our lives, and creates yet another moment for us to waste talking about him, I am glad this happened. The man has ruined our nation with everything from ignorant comments on race, women, the disabled, and the list goes on. In my opinion, he doesn’t deserve recognition or celebration in any way, whether it be a celebrity star or the highest office in the land. I am over this orange tinged excrement. I only wish I had destroyed his star myself.

To you, Mr. Otis: