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Old Man Disguise Hides Fugitive from Authorities for Months

Old Man Disguise Hides Fugitive from Authorities for Months

Shaun Miller a.k.a. “Shizz”, was arrested last week in South Yarmouth, Mass., on an April indictment accusing the 31-year-old of heroin possession with intent to distribute. He was finally found after months of searching when an alert officer noticed something suspicious about the eyes of the elderly gentleman who had been seen coming and going from the house where Miller’s mother lived. That’s when one of the officers “pulled off Miller’s realistic disguise,” prosecutors said. The old man disguise used by Miller had worked for nearly four months.

old man disguise
Shaun Miller’s disguise Barnstable Police Department

“I think it was pretty clever,” Peter Dunbar, a neighbor said of the old man disguise, told New England Cable News. “I’ve never seen something like that before. That’s someone who really knows what they’re doing.”

Miller was allegedly a distributor for the dangerous Nauti-Block street gang, which is said to be responsible for “a significant portion of the heroin that is distributed on Cape Cod.” He was nabbed as part of a joint local-state-federal investigation that began in October 2015 and is continuing, according to the indictment.

The gang has been hard to crack, investigators said because it’s highly adept at using a confusing array of disposable cars and safe houses. A search of the home uncovered two loaded weapons hidden in a laundry basket and nearly $30,000 in cash.

Miller was one of 13 people charged in a massive Cape Cod drug bust back in April. For four months he eluded capture, but now he’s being held pending an Aug. 31 detention hearing. Two other suspects wanted for murder are still at large.