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The Pacific Tribune Celebrates First Year Back in Publication

The Pacific Tribune Celebrates First Year Back in Publication

One year ago today, Editor-in-Chief Brad Delaney relaunched The Pacific Tribune to allow citizen journalists the ability to be compensated for their writing and for their talent. The 146 year old media brand dates back to 1871 when it was just a local newspaper out of Olympia, Washington. While the brand has been rebooted by a number of different ownerships over the years, the latest is here to stay for a while.

After years of working in public relations and LGBTQ advocacy, Brad had built a skill for writing and developed relationships with others who shared his passion for honest and unbiased reporting.

After many late nights of code writing and fighting with ad placements, a few international conference calls, and some battles with the demon named Readability we have reached the one year anniversary of our first article Star Wars: A Hero has Fallen!

We are so proud of our team and at over 200 articles later, we have covered everything from thought-provoking self-improvement articles to recipes with Krissie Schmidt and Luke Morris reporting from Down Under on all the up-to-date sports coverage. All the while Brad and our team of editors maintain behind the scenes flow and the general style of our site while contributing hard-hitting pieces on topics ranging from police brutality to the recent presidential election and even new trends with fast food.

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Our editorial staff would like to thank all of our writers and contributors for making this work fun and easy as we have built what we hope will become a premier media website. As well, we are grateful to our readers and followers, some who were following us back when The Pacific Tribune was just an idea- without you, we would be only typing for ourselves.

We wish to invite any of you who would like to write for us to sign up today and join this amazing team while reporting the news your way or writing for our blog and getting your thoughts out there. Also, we ask that you share our site and your favorite stories with friends then like and follow us on social media so that you don’t miss out on breaking news.

From your friends at The Pacific Tribune- Thank You for a fantastic year!!