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European Parliament Approves New Directive Against Terrorism

European Parliament Approves New Directive Against Terrorism

The European Parliament approved on Thursday (16) a directive that aims to prevent attacks and criminalize acts and displacements for terrorist purposes, and strengthen the rights of victims and their families.

Adopted by 498 votes to 114, with 29 abstentions, the aim is to harmonize criminal law and improve the exchange of information between the Member States of the European Union (EU). Countries will have 18 months to incorporate the directive into their national legislations.

The new rules establish the criminalization of travel for terrorist purposes. According to the European Parliament, travel to conflict zones will be punishable to participate in the activities of a terrorist group or travel to an EU Member State to commit a terrorist attack.

The organization and facilitation of these movements are also punishable, through logistical and material support, such as the purchase of tickets or the planning of itineraries. And yet: the reception of people for training; The manufacture and / or use of explosives, firearms, harmful or dangerous substances; And the provision or collection of funds for terrorist acts and infractions related to terrorist groups or activities.

Broadcasting Messages

It also becomes a crime to incite the public to commit terrorist offenses and to disseminate messages or images, on the Internet and beyond, as a means of gathering support for terrorist causes or of seriously intimidating the population.

The law also provides for measures to protect, support and assist victims of terrorism and family members. According to the European Parliament, Member States will have to provide support services that meet the specific needs of victims immediately after a terrorist attack and for the necessary time, including medical treatment and post-traumatic counseling.

Victims will be entitled to receive legal or practical advice as well as assistance with claims. Family members of victims will also have access to support services and specific protection measures.

The new guideline is part of the European Security Agenda for the period 2015-2020, which aims to support cooperation between Member States in responding to security threats and to encourage common efforts in the fight against terrorism, organized crime and Cybercrime.

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