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LISTEN LIVE: Hearing on Trump Immigration Executive Order

LISTEN LIVE: Hearing on Trump Immigration Executive Order

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will hold a hearing this afternoon on a motion from the Trump administration hoping to overturn a temporary restraining order restricting the government from enforcing his executive order limiting travel from seven Muslim majority countries.

Mr. Trump’s Muslim ban has sparked tensions both at home and abroad over the past two weeks which culminated in protests at the international terminals of airports across the country.
The hearing will begin at 3pm Pacific Standard Time before a panel of three appellate court judges. The court has budgeted thirty minutes for each side to present their arguments after which the hearing will end and the panel will issue their ruling on whether or not to stay the temporary restraining order.

This particular lawsuit has been heating up in recent days with Minnesota successfully joining the case in the district court and eighteen other states and the District of Columbia filing amici briefs supporting Washington and Minnesota’s position. Those states include Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Hawaii, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Vermont.

Additionally, the states are supported by over 130 major corporations including big names such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Groupon, Uber, AirBnB, eBay, Levi Strauss, Lyft, Netflix, PayPal, Twitter, Wikipedia, Adobe, and Tesla.

The case has also garnered the attention of a number of advocacy groups on both sides of the political spectrum. Many of whom have filed amici briefs in support of their respective sides position.

On behalf of the states of Washington and Minnesota, the following organizations have all filed amicus briefs either individually or collectively:

Washington State Labor Council, The Fred T. Korematsu Center For Law And Equality, Service Employees International Union, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Americans United For Separation of Church and State, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the Anti-Defamation League, Advanced Special Immigrant Survivors Technical Assistance, The National Immigrant Justice Center, The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, Muslim Advocates, American Muslim Health Professionals, Council For The Advancement of Muslim Professionals, Islamic Medical Association of North America, Mupplies, Inc., National Arab American Medical Association, Network of Arab-American Professionals, American Immigration Council, National Immigration Project of The National Lawyers Guild, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Human Rights First, Kids In Need of Defense (KIND), Thahirih Justice Center, the Employment Law Alliance, nearly 300 law scholars and professors from colleges and universities across the country, and 10 former Obama administration officials with specific knowledge of issues pertaining to immigration and terrorism.

On behalf of the Trump Administration,the following organizations have all filed amicus briefs either individually or collectively:

USJF, Citizens United, CUF, English First Foundation, English First, Public Advocate of the United States, Gun Owners Foundation, Gun Owners of America, Inc., Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund, U.S. Border Control Foundation, and the Policy Analysis Center all filed a combined amici brief in support of the President’s position. Freedom Watch and American Center For Law and Justice.

Tune in to this post at 3pm Pacific Standard time to watch using the video stream above and and don’t forget to tweet us at @PacTribune with your thoughts, comments, or concerns during the hearing.

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