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New York Mets’ Stars Victims Of Devilish Prank

New York Mets’ Stars Victims Of Devilish Prank

New York Mets catcher, Kevin Plawecki has stumbled into the headlines in rather humorous and embarrassing circumstances, after his franchises’ twitter account posted a rather incriminating photo following the Mets win over the Miami Marlins.

In the right hand side of the posted image, just behind Mets star, T.J Rivera, lies a seemingly innocuous object, until closer inspection reveals its true identity. An old fashioned sex toy, not obvious at first glance, but once you’ve spied it, you can’t get it out of your head!

There can be little doubt the unobscured placement of said sex toy, was an obvious joke on both the man in the photo, (Rivera) and Plawecki, in who’s locker the object was cleverly placed.

The photo in the tweet aimed to highlight the match winning performance of first baseman, T.J. Rivera, who hit his first home run and game tying double, against the Marlins. The new tradition for the Mets is to give their best or most impressive performer from that game a crown in the post match festivities.

Fortunately for the Mets’ social media manager, the tweet was not online long as they quickly uploaded a heavily cropped version of the same photograph, without the ‘sex toy’ visible.

Plawecki was sheepish and enormously embarrassed as he tried to shake off the humorous prank. “Honestly, I don’t really know how to handle this one, this is kind of unbelievable, really,” Plawecki said.

The All Mets catcher categorically denied that the device was his, but was unable to identify which of his highly amused teammates might be responsible for the creative placement of the object front and centre in his locker.

“We’ve got some good pranksters in here, that’s for sure,” Plawecki said. “I mean what can you do, just kind of laugh this one off.”

There was some suggestion that the object was a source of superstition, and not of practical use in the Mets’ locker room. Superstitious items are not uncommon in locker and dressing rooms, as a surprisingly large number of sportspeople are enormously superstitious, see tennis champion, Rafael Nadal and former Mets’ reliever Turk Wendell.


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