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Rita Strakosha Links Gayness to Light Bulbs and Sleep Deprivation, Suggests Nap as Cure

Rita Strakosha Links Gayness to Light Bulbs and Sleep Deprivation, Suggests Nap as Cure
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An unofficial and non-scientific study recently released in which the author links high sugar and calorie intake, as well as a lack of sleep as a possible cause for homosexuality and even transgenderism, has been making the rounds this week and has raised some eyebrows, to say the least. The 56-page document, which is filled with grammatical errors, written by Rita Strakosha, who claims to have “an M.P.S. degree in Clinical Psychology from Albanian University”, was sent to PinkNews after having been self-published as an e-book on Amazon. The report states that due to the “controversy surrounding the issue” it was removed from Amazon by the author and re-released on a personal blog page for free in order to provide wider access.

Rita Strakosha suggests that a higher prevalence of homosexuality in developed countries can be linked to the higher availability of sugary and high-fat content foods. She also mentions substance use and sleep deprivation due to industrialization and artificial light, as well as other stressors as potential causes that can lead to a “higher risk of homosexuality.” Apparently, having sugar between the ages of 6 and 10 years old can also lead to developing a same-sex attraction.

This “study” rambles on stating that gay men are facing far higher obesity rates, suggesting the author has discovered Bears. She clearly hasn’t heard of the Gay Church that is Planet Fitness. As well, she has completely disregarded the ever growing trend among the LGBTQ community of veganism, the Raw Food Diet, etc.

Her suggestions for a “cure” for homosexuality are idiotic, to say the least–

  • Keep a healthy diet with no sugar, low in high glycemic-index foods, in fat.
  • Sleep adequately. The amount and time of sleep that each one needs is individual, but in general one should sleep until satiety and preferably go to sleep near sunset, because it aids in falling asleep. Sleep Hygiene has some generally applicable rules that help sleep in most persons.
  • Increasing sleep amount to the maximum recommended levels. Some experts recommend 9.30 hours per night;
  • Increasing exposure to night, by switching off artificial light sources earlier and do this in winter, when night is longest and exposure to sunlight is lowest. The average night time exposure in natural conditions is 12 hours per night, so this would be ideal for lights off.
  • Consuming a calorie-restricted, no sugars, low fat, low-carb diet. In anorexic women, loss of libido is higher the lower the Body Mass Index gets. Therefore, overweight people may need to achieve considerable weight loss before they experience loss of libido.

Artificial light seems to be a hot button issue with this pseudo-scientist as Rita Strakosha even suggests (in another online spiel in which she gives simply horrendous advice) that drug abuse can be ended if the addict would simply turn off their lights in the home around 8 pm. That’s right, all you AA and NA warriors, you can stop that pesky addiction by simply turning off the lights at night. Because the crack house is notorious for being a bright and cheery place and we all know meth addicts just love the lights on at all times.

It needs to be said– HOMOSEXUALITY CAN NOT BE CURED! The natural desire to love a member of the same sex goes beyond a mere sexual preference and is in no way something that a person can make go away. Heterosexuality can not be cured, as well. One can hide and/or deceive themselves into believing they are no longer gay, but as with any form of “reparative or conversion therapy”, the outcome is almost always depression, new or increased substance abuse, and often suicide. For children who are subjected to these types of horrific attacks on their person, the effects can bring a lifelong self-hatred and disconnect with friends and family. Homophobia, on the other hand, can be cured. By showing our LGBTQ friends and family kindness, acceptance, and love one can find themselves living a whole new life of not being an asshole.

Created Gay, an LGBTQ Christian website states in the perfect way, “A sexual orientation is not a disease. Attempting to cure homosexuality and bisexuality is like trying to cure having red hair. One can mask having red hair with dye and one can mask homosexuality and bisexuality by acting straight, but one does not cure homosexuality, bisexuality or red hair.”

Rita Strakosha
For you, Rita.

All in all, Rita Strakosha has shown the world that her findings on food intake, drug use, and light bulbs have been a waste of tuition money and an embarrassment to the Albanian University. Reading this study is 45 minutes of life that would better be spent eating Twinkies while watching GayTube under fluorescent lights. It may be time for this person to do the world a favor and have herself several seats.


  1. I am Albanian and I have never heard of a university called Albanian University. It might be some diploma mill type of private university with no accreditation, but it isn’t a real one.

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