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Opinion: “President Comey”; is McCain Fit to be on the Senate Intelligence Committee?

Opinion: “President Comey”; is McCain Fit to be on the Senate Intelligence Committee?
CBS News Live Coverage Comey Testimony

Today marked one of the most anticipated Senate Intelligence Committee hearings since the Nixon/ Watergate era. Former FBI Director James Comey vs Donald J Trump. As a self-described GAY Republican, I have to state my opinion on what transpired today.

Let me begin by saying you have to have read my OP-ED that I published a month or two ago. You will understand where I stand on the matter of “President” Trump. I put the quotation because I question the legitimacy of his presidency.  I am one of the few conservatives that have held on to the notion of “Never Trump”; and I will continue to do so until he is impeached.

Former Director James Comey did the right thing by releasing his statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee and the American public the day before his testimony.  Comey let everyone know exactly where he stood and gave the Senate ample time to form their questions based on his testimony.  To me, this made him a stand-up guy and someone that the American people can trust. Hillary supporters I know you will disagree with me on this, but it is what it is. He did what he had to do. You can thank former President Bill Clinton for that one.

Even though Comey gave his statement prior to the hearing, did the Senate; Republicans and Democrats take advantage of his statement so that they could formulate their questions to get answers? I am going to have to say yes and no.

Was I impressed with the questioning from Republicans?  No. Senator Marco Rubio (R) Florida, who has been an outspoken Republican against Trump since the primaries seemed to back down with his questioning of Director Comey. Rubio seemed to be backing Trump and trying not to find out any truthful answer that Trump had obstructed justice, colluded with the Russians or had any Russian ties.

While watching the hearing I had no expectations of the Democrats. They would continue their talking points that we have already heard throughout the media and offer no substance to the hearing.  They would all ask the same questions, just in a different form. I know they were looking for the nail in the coffin.  Everyone knows that they were not going to get it in an open hearing from Comey.  Former FBI director is not that dumb. He knows how the legal system works and what classified information is. If that is what they were expecting, I hope they did not hold their breath.

The floor is now turned to Senator John McCain (R) Arizona, final questioning. Sen. McCain is still one of the few never Trump; or is he?

Sen. McCain seemed to be confused on which hearing he was at. Was he at the hearing of the Clinton Email Scandal or at the Comey/Trump hearing.

“So both President Trump and former candidate Clinton are both involved in the investigation, yet one of them you said there’s going to be no charges and the other one that the investigation continues,” McCain said. “Well, I think there’s a double standard there to tell you the truth.”

At one point, McCain mistakenly referred to the former FBI director as “President Comey.”

Has the Republican party that I once hoped would get it together after 8 years of Bush and 8 years of Obama begin to get it together? Or has the party become so old that they are now all suffering from dementia?

I might need to question where I stand at this point.

UPDATE: 3:22 pm EST – As I was completing this opinion piece McCain has tweeted. I must finish up in regards to his tweet.


I am sorry Mr. Senator, but your questions did not go over [ppls] heads. Your questions were off the wall and incoherent. Do not blame the intelligence of the American People on your inability to form a question and understand which hearing you were actually at. The 11 Hour Clinton testimony was in 2016 dear sir.