Home Weird News Insane Video of Naked Man Charging Police After Cutting off His Own Penis

Insane Video of Naked Man Charging Police After Cutting off His Own Penis

Insane Video of Naked Man Charging Police After Cutting off His Own Penis

Monday evening witnesses recorded a truly insane video of a man who apparently had stripped naked before cutting off his own penis. To reiterate, he cut off his penis. He just cut it off and threw it away somewhere like an old banana. Before you assume the obvious, this was not in Florida, this took place in Chicago.

In the insane video, the man can be seen cussing and yelling through an iron fence at witnesses who were videoing the incident. Immediately after, the naked and blood covered man (sans penis) turned around facing police officers before charging at them. He moved rather quickly, which could be indicative of his recent weight loss- the penis he removed. In the distance, you could hear other officers say, “Shoot him!”, yet no shots were fired.

He then runs around the police car when you can hear the man recording the insane video yell out to officers, “You can shoot him. This is the time when it is okay to shoot someone.”, as another laughs off camera saying “He is about to get killed.” Still, no shots are fired.

Finally, a police van shows up on the scene as the self-made 2017 John Wayne Bobbitt is lying on the ground. However, when he sees these new officers arrive, he gets up again, and charges at the police officers again. This time, you can distinctly hear a pop along with the undeniable sound of a taser. The Penisless Avenger then fell face down into the parking lot. You can then hear the men behind the camera say to each other, “He is so lucky. He should be dead now.” And then just before the video ends you hear one of them say, “He’s on Bath Salts man.”

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Although it is not clear what type of drugs this man was on, or what his mental health status really is, it is abundantly clear that he was having some kind of day.

In today’s world, it is not strange that an event like this would be recorded, but that it did not result in the shooting of a man who was charging police is somewhat of an oddity. Although, it would be very hard to explain how a man who is clearly naked and unarmed, as well as unpenised, would be considered a threat to their lives. After all, his greatest weapon as a man has now been taken.

You can watch the full video below and rest assured that whatever happened to you on Monday was not really that bad. Please be warned, this is graphic and ridickulous.