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From The Editorial Board: A New Twist in Hazing Allegations

From The Editorial Board: A New Twist in Hazing Allegations

On behalf of everyone at The Pacific Tribune, we would like to provide you with the latest developments in a recent reporting surrounding a small Mississippi community. We regret that this has been an emotional and heated issue for the town of Brandon and many of our readers. However, unanswered questions still remain.

On Friday, a reporter with The Pacific Tribune, who is based out of Horn Lake, Mississippi, covered allegations of hazing on the baseball team at Brandon High School. Upon learning of these allegations, our journalist followed the proper editorial procedures and contacted both the high school and the police department to confirm those allegations. After speaking with and getting statements from both the school and police, an investigation was launched and our reporter felt confident enough to publish the story.

During our reporter’s conversation with his source, he agreed to give her anonymity because she feared for the safety of her child.

The credibility, integrity, and ethics of our publication were called into question. On Wednesday, school administration and authorities from the Brandon Police Department conducted a press conference surrounding the allegations of hazing at Brandon High School.

Based on yesterday’s press conference, many of our readers got the impression that our reporter made up these allegations. However, during an internal investigation conducted by our editorial board, we were provided with evidence confirming that our reporter was in fact contacted by a source whose child attends Brandon High School. The source informed our reporter that they made school administrators aware of these allegations via an anonymous email account. This evidence stands in direct conflict with the impression given during yesterday’s press conference.

When we were made aware of the press conference, we reached out to the police department. The Pacific Tribune has fully agreed to cooperate with their investigation. It is our understanding that the police department is further looking into the allegations.

The source has since brought to our attention that these allegations may have been a rumor. However, details are still developing and it is entirely possible that there may be a thread of truth to these allegations.

Due to the sensitivity of this issue, we have pulled this story from our website.

We take any all allegations surrounding the safety and well-being of children seriously. We are committed to following up with this story – wherever the facts may lead. We will continue to work closely with local law enforcement as this investigation continues.

We appreciate the continued support of our regular readers.