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    WATCH: P!nk’s New Music Video For Beautiful Trauma is Sizzling Hot!!

    True to form, P!nk brings to life yet another risqué music video that embraces sex positivity and is sure to enrage conservative Christian fundamentalists.

    If you haven’t seen P!nk’s (Yes, she really spells her name with an exclamation mark!) new song Beautiful Trauma, then you need to drop everything you’re doing and click play below.

    If you’re a crazy conservative Christian fundamentalist, this video is probably not the one for you (unless you’re the type that goes home to your wife at night and screws men at work during the day)… But if you live life a little on the wild side, you’re going to love the theatrics in this beauty!

    In a hilarious ode to quintessential 1950s gender norms, we see P!nk and Channing Tatum — as Fred and Ginger Hart (get the reference?) playing husband and wife prancing around a brightly colored home in garish polyester outfits, typical of the era. The video starts off conventionally with cooking, ironing the clothes, and concludes with with Tatum cross-dressing and finally an S&M scene with Tatum tied up and Pink as the dominatrix.

    From the same amazing artist who brought us other risqué tracks like U + Ur Hand, Slut Like You, and Walk of Shame, I present you with her latest masterpiece, Beautiful Trauma:



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