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    Homophobic Virginia Legislator Who Lost To Trans Woman Gets Roasted By Sister

    The political victory of Danica Roem over thirteen-term Republican incumbent Robert Marshall for his former seat in the House of Delegates is nothing short of Schadenfreude.

    The triumph of the transgender journalist has been widely regarded as a symbolic victory over a candidate who prided himself on being Virginia’s most socially conservative politician. Going so far as to call himself “Virginia’s chief homophobe,” Marshall sponsored the discriminatory anti-trans “bathroom bill” that stirred up an artificial public controversy and has falsely smeared transgender Americans as sexual predators.

    During the campaign, Marshall displayed an appalling amount of disrespect towards Roem; consistently and purposefully misgendering her and refusing to debate her. He certainly made it clear he didn’t think she was his equal as a human.

    As if losing wasn’t enough, his sister had a few harsh words as well…

    Robert Marshall Virginia
    Marshal’s sister, Paula Nucci, took to Facebook to admonish her brother for his behavior during the election in a post that is now going viral on social media.

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