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5 Podcasts to Add to Your Listening List

5 Podcasts to Add to Your Listening List

Are you addicted to Podcasts? Whether you’re new to listening to podcasts or you’re just looking for something different, this list is for you. There is a podcast for every kind of person. Whether you prefer stories, bizarre news, science, technology, or other specific interests, podcasts can be a great way to stay informed or learn.

The amount of hard work and dedication that goes into making each and every podcast is evident in the episodes you explore. Though there are tons and tons of podcasts that exist, here are five worth checking out.

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  1. Affirmation Pod– Do you like affirmations? Do you like discovering the motivation within yourself to succeed with daily tasks? This podcast is perfect for the person who needs a little extra daily nudge to accomplish goals and feel better inside. There are affirmations from mindful eating, self acceptance, getting through the day, to falling asleep. Josie puts together the perfect mantras to help you with whatever you may struggling with. Her voice is soothing and the background tones are very fitting and non-intrusive on the ears. The episodes vary in length and there are many to choose from. Give your mind the nourishment and motivation it craves.
  2. And That’s why we drink  Em and Christine like to hang out and talk about Ghosts and Serial Killers. One of them will indulge in alcohol, the other in milkshakes. Both ladies have fascinating tales to share in every episode. Grab your drinks and get ready to giggle. Some of their talks are hilarious, some of the information is unnerving but that’s why they drink.
  3. Lore – Speaking of unnerving information, Lore discusses nonfiction scary stories in a spooky tone. Each episode explores historical events that show the dark side of human nature. Just the right kind of podcast to listen to with the lights out. The information is fascinating. The story weaving is harrowing. This is a great podcast for anyone who likes to feel afraid of real life.
  4. You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes  Pete Holmes from the Nerdist network interviews comedians and hilarity ensues. His lighthearted conversation coupled with individual comedians create an interesting combination every week guaranteed to entertain the listener. If you’re looking for comedy podcasts, then let Pete Holmes make things weird for you.
  5. Happier:  Best-selling author Gretchen Rubin likes to write about habits, happiness, and human nature. On her podcast, Rubin and her screenwriter sister, Elizabeth Craft, tackle a subject many modern human beings struggle with: how to be happier. With mental exercises, useful quotes, personal anecdotes from her and guests, and plenty of psychological research, Gretchen and Elizabeth are sure to help you feel just a little bit happier.

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