Home News National Security Trump Supporter Arrested in Connection with Mail Bombs Targeting Trump Critics

Trump Supporter Arrested in Connection with Mail Bombs Targeting Trump Critics

Trump Supporter Arrested in Connection with Mail Bombs Targeting Trump Critics

The FBI arrested Cesar Sayoc, 56, from Aventura Friday morning in connection with 13 pipe bombs. The bombs sent through the mail, were addressed to two former Presidents, former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton; as well as other prominent politicians and Trump critics.

Van recorded by FBI in connection with suspect Cesar Sayoc. Covered in political photos celebrating republicans and attacking prominent Trump critics.

Sayoc was arrested outside an AutoZone store in the city of Plantation Florida, according to officials briefed on the matter. Federal agents at the location also removed a van covered in political stickers celebrating Republicans and attacking the president’s political opponents.

Sayoc has an extensive arrest record stretching back decades in Florida,Minnesota, and New Jersey — including a 2002 arrest for having made a bomb threat. According to a Twitter account registered in his name, he works as a booking agent for a live events company and is a former wrestler and cage fighter.

Federal investigators searching for the sender focused Thursday night on a postal sorting facility in Opa-locka, outside Miami, which authorities said the packages may have passed through in route to their eventual destinations. Investigators keyed in on the region after reviewing US Postal Service records and examining forensic evidence on the packages.

Image of suspicious package sent to CNN building in NY

The first of 14 packages was discovered Monday at the home of prominent democratic donor, George Soros. The second and third were addressed to homes of former President Barack Obama, as well as former Secretary of State and President candidate, Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. Both were intercepted by the Secret Service because they were addressed to the homes of former Presidents.

Over the following days packages were found addressed to the former vice-president Joe Biden, the former attorney general Eric Holder, the former CIA director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters, Senator Corey Booker, Senator Kamala Harris, actor Robert De Niro. A 14th package was discovered Friday afternoon addressed to the home of billionaire and prominent democratic donor Tom Steyer. All are high-profile opponents of Trump.

All of the packages included a return address of Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, one of which was returned to the address after being returned to sender.

Speaking from the White House Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump said the suspect will be prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law.”

“These terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country,” the president said. “We must never allow political violence to take root in America.”

The Justice Department and FBI have scheduled a press conference for 2:30 PM EST. This is a developing story and will be updated as additional details are made available.