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Online advertising for pacifictribune.com is delivered by Google AdSense. Google places cookies on your browser to facilitate serving particular ads – for instance, to help determine whether you have seen a particular advertisement before, to tailor ads to you if you have previously visited our site, and to avoid sending you duplicate advertisements. You can opt out of AdSense’s use of cookies for these purposes by visiting http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacy/.

In some cases, we and advertisers on pacifictribune.com and other sites work with other third-party vendors to help deliver ads tailored to your interests. These vendors include ad networks and audience segment providers, they place cookies on your browser to collect information about your online activity (e.g., the sites and pages you have visited) in order to help advertisers deliver particular ads on our site and other sites that they believe you would find most relevant. You can opt out of those vendors’ use of cookies to tailor advertising to you by visiting http://www.aboutads.info/.

Often our advertisers contract with a third-party service to host their ads. In this case, an ad serving vendor contacts the advertisers’ hosting service for a particular advertisement. In that instance, an independent cookie may be used by the third-party service. We do not have a mechanism to allow visitors to opt-out of cookies from vendors with whom we do not have a contractual relationship.


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