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At the Pacific Tribune we value citizen journalism – which is why we’ve worked so hard to build a platform that incentivizes high quality articles that people will want to read. Unlike most news outlets where it’s often difficult to see the benefits of being a citizen journalist or blogger, our tiered compensation model provides a path for all contributors to compensated for their hard work. We sincerely hope that you’ll join us in our endeavor to bring a sense of ownership back to the world of citizen journalism.

Guest Contributions

Whether you’re looking to get into the world of freelance journalism or you want to become a staff writer for of one of the world’s leading publications – everyone has to start somewhere. For most of us, our path began with a single action. It may have been that you were interviewed for a news piece – or that you wrote an op-ed, but we all started somewhere. If you think you’ve got what it takes to get to the top – or just want to try your hand at freelance journalism, send us your pitch at editor@pacifictribune.dependablewp.com and one of our editors will get back to you with more information.

Op-Eds & Letters To The Editor

Do you have something you need to get off your mind or off your chest? Maybe you’re just super opinionated and want the world to know how you feel… There’s nothing wrong with that! Share your thoughts with us in the form of an Op-Ed or a Letter To The Editor. While these posts are never paid (for ethical reasons), they are promoted based on the popularity of the post – so write away and make it something both interesting and insightful that people will want to read. Send your article to editor@pacifictribune.dependablewp.com

Become a Pacific Tribune Blogger

Blogging is an important tool used by millions of people everyday around the world to allow their voices to be heard. At The Pacific Tribune, members of our staff got their starts in journalism by writing blogs for various websites. For this reason we understand the value of having an outlet for our thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. Our blog section is a free form arena designed to allow an array of opinions on any subject you can imagine, and the comment section will enable you to receive feedback from our subscribers. Every morning our editors promote the most popular blog post from the previous day on the homepage to help get your article out to a wider audience. Our editors only moderate blog posts and comments for hate speech and/or harassment; we do not make corrections to blogs. We reserve the right to ban and block you from the site at our discretion, and will do so if your actions and/or behavior negatively impact the site or our community of bloggers. Opinions and views expressed on our blog page do not necessarily reflect those of The Pacific Tribune or its staff.

Get Promoted to Our Team of Staff Writers

Want to join our staff? That’s easy. Our guest contributors and blog writers have the opportunity to be promoted to Staff Writer and receive full compensation for their articles. If, after showing our editorial staff that you have style in your writing and are able to create stories that people want to read, regularly featured contributors will be offered a position on our team. Blog writers who are able to maintain popularity among subscribers while exhibiting integrity will be given the chance to become a contributor which, in turn, could lead to a staff job. So what are you waiting for? Email us today to sign up and start the path towards being compensated for your work.




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