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Thursday, July 9, 2020
social justice

Social Justice Corner: National Equality Action Team, NEAT

Ever since Inauguration Day, Americans have been scrambling to find ways to ensure their voice is heard and that their social justice cause is at...
North Carolina and Texas Bathroom Bills

Here’s How The “Bathroom Bills” in North Carolina and Texas Stack Up

Since Texas Republicans unveiled their so-called “bathroom bill” in early January, supporters have described the bill as similar to a law passed by North Carolina yet...

Texas Republicans Want to Narrow Scope of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

After coming out on the losing end of a U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, Texas Republican leaders are now looking to the...
transgender students

Feds Appealing Decision on Protections For Transgender Students

The Obama administration on Thursday filed notice that it will appeal a Texas federal judge's ruling that temporarily blocked new federal guidelines directing public...
photo credit: COVERGIRL

CoverGirl Announces James Charles as First Ever CoverBoy

He's easy, breezy, beautiful - he's CoverBoy. Just in time for National Coming Out Day, CoverGirl announced makeup artist and YouTuber James Charles as their first...

If You Support Trump and Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills, You’re a Bigot. Period.

Over the past year we've heard you loud and clear. We know your type. You support Donald Trump, but you also hoot, and holler,...
LGBTQ Spacevideo

This Nonprofit Just Declared Space LGBTQ Friendly

On August 17 a nonprofit called Planting Peace sent the first pride flag into space, and in doing so, declared space LGBTQ friendly. The reason...
Atlantic Coast Conference Championship

Atlantic Coast Conference Moves Championship Games Out of North Carolina

Less than 24 hours after the National Collegiate Athletics Association pulled all of their championship games out of North Carolina, The Atlantic Coast Conference...
Chelsea Manning

Victory for Chelsea Manning as Army Agrees to Proper Treatment

According to her attorneys at the ACLU, Chelsea Manning has ended her hunger strike and the Army has stated it will provide treatment for...
Aruba Same-Sex Marriage

Aruba Votes To Legalize Same-Sex Civil Unions

In a landmark move, Aruba’s Parliament voted late Thursday by a margin of 11-5 to amend the civil code related to marriage to include...