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Friday, October 18, 2019
3D Printed Homes

This 3D Printed House Goes Up in a Day for Under $10,000

There aren’t a ton of ways to build a house other than the way houses have always been built, which is to say, by putting up four walls then adding a roof. This ages-old technique had to be modernized at some point, though, and as with everything else in our lives these days, technology’s delivering […]
PornHub Infected Millions With Virus

World’s Most Popular Porn Site May Have Infected Millions With Virus

If you've visited the popular porn site PornHub recently, you may want to have your computer tested for viruses.A recent report put out by...
kim jong un

Kim Jong Un Facebook Page, Real or Not, is Epic Trolling

Tonight, as a friend and I laughed (to keep from crying) about the atrocities we face as Americans in the coming Trump years, my friend...