McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich is Trending on Twitter, You’ll Never Believe Why

McChicken Sandwich

Yesterday a man decided to upload a video to Twitter that can only be captioned as “I’m lovin’ it, long time!“, as he showed the world exactly how he feels about that warm $1.06 sandwich so many of us know so well.

It is unclear as to why he thought this needed to be shared, but I have to admit, I’ve watched it over a dozen times tonight.

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Theres no way to describe this video without seeming crude, but—

He had full on sex with a McChicken Sandwich, and appeared to like it.

NSFW! Watch at your own risk. You were warned:

This video has made its rounds through the Twitterverse and has illicited quite a few outstanding retweets and responses. In my opinion, Twitter has never been better. I’ve provided a few of the best responses below:








Jeff B. White
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