NeNe Leakes Possibly Returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta

nene leakes

“I’m a rich bitch” –one of the most famous lines from NeNe Leakes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Is she going to return to the series for season 10 after leaving the show after 7 seasons and just how much is she being offered to return?

The outrageous and over the top personality of NeNe Leakes has left the viewers wanting more.  Leakes one of the original cast members and probably the most memorable of the Real Housewives franchise may have left, but she did not stop. Leakes made many guest appearances on the show after her full-time departure, which has left many wondering; is she going to return?

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A strong independent woman from Athens, GA; Leakes was not shy in voicing her opinion and letting her friends of the franchise know just where she stood. Even though Leakes left the series, she went on to do more than the other housewives.

nene leakes

Leakes went from the RHOA to the Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 and would be remembered as the first celebrity to quit on Donald Trump before he could utter the words, “You’re Fired”.

Leakes did not stop there. After her memorable departure of Celebrity Apprentice, network TV seemed to be her home. Ryan Murphy offered her a recurring role on the Fox hit series Glee as the no-nonsense coach Roz Washington. Her 13 episode stint ended as the show came to a close and then went on to co-star on the short-lived series The New Normal, on NBC as Rocky Rhoads.

Now that Phaedra Parks is out of the Real House Wives franchise who is going to replace her? According to BETONLINE, Leakes is being offered $2.5 million to return; $1.5 more than she was making before she left the franchise.

Is there a catch to this return? Her arch nemesis Kim Zolciak and former best friend is also reported to have signed on and would be making less than Leakes.  How would this effect RHOA and will this make the drama of the franchise more intense than the drama between Phaedra and Kandi? As of today, BravoTV has not disclosed the new cast of season 10 and it is still up in the air if NeNe Leakes will return.

As of today, BravoTV has not disclosed the new cast of season 10 and it is still up in the air if NeNe Leakes will return. What do you think of Nene Leakes’ possible return? Let us know in the comment section below.

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