Two Venezuelan Opposition leaders Taken from Their Homes

Leopoldo Lopez, Venezuelan Opposition Leaders
Leopoldo Lopez

The Former Mayor of Caracas, Leopoldo Lopez, and prominent opposition leader, Antonio Ledezma have reportedly been taken from their homes in the middle of the night by uniformed officers, according to tweets from their wives and children.

In her tweet, Leopoldo’s wife says “#URGENT They have just taken Leopoldo out of the house. We do not know where it is or where it is carried. Maduro is responsible if something happens to him.”

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Tontori also posted video that she says shows her husband being taken away.

In another video, Ledezma can be seen being carried out of his home by uniformed officers.

Ledezma’s daughter posted on Twitter saying “THEY WERE KIDNAPPED TO MY FATHER ANTONIO LEDEZMA WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT IS !!!! Help me to spread it please !!!!!!!”

It’s not been confirmed who took the men or where they were taken, however the video posted by Tontori shows Lopez being driven away in a car marked “SEBIN” which is an abbreviation for the Venezuelan Intelligence Service.

Lopez was released on house arrest in July after have been jailed for more than three years. His detention began in early 2014 over accusations of inciting anti-government protests, and had been a rallying cry for anti-regime demonstrators.

This latest move comes just two days after a controversial election in which Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro established a new legislative body made up entirely of his own supporters.

This is a developing story. Please check back as we will continue to update with more information as we get it.

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